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From 20th November, 2010.

The Fire Department for this area have told us that we will have to close to bed and breakfast guests. We are hoping that these problems will be sorted out in the coming months, but in the meantime, we thank all our past guests for their company and hope that we will be able to welcome you and some new ones in the future if we can agree a way forward with the Fire Department.

Samantha Pollock-Hill

HOMEWOOD has been a family home ever since it was built in 1901, for the Dowager Lady Lytton. It was designed for her by Edwin Lutyens, who would later become her son-in-law, when he married her younger daughter, Emily. His four children spent most of their holidays in this house, as their parents were either travelling or felt that the children would benefit from the country air. Consequently, the Lutyens family were always very fond of Homewood. After Lady Lytton’s death the house stayed in the family, usually rented out, until 1973 when it was sold to the Pollock-Hill family.

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Homewood has changed very little since it was built, however, it does have a few modern amenities, and a lot more bathrooms!

We have ample parking in front of the house.

We do not provide evening meals but we are happy to arrange bookings for dinner and taxis if required. We provide written instructions on how to get to the pubs and restaurants we recommend.

Homewood Front: The North facing side is the first view you will see as you come down the drive, through the secluded woodland. Homewood South: The South side is the one you will see in the guidebooks and from the illustrations by Richard Russell Lawrence on our website.
Landing: Further along the path to your room. Landing Map: This is a section of the landing you will see as you come up the wooden staircase to your room. The walls are decorated in the style of a print room. They are illuminated at night.


We do have four cats & one dog. This is NOT a suitable place for people who are at all allergic to cats. If you like animals or wish to bring your own well behaved dog, we are happy to welcome them by arrangement. 

Tel: (01438) 812105 Fax: 01992 450966 Email: bookings@homewood-bb.co.uk